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Hi ! My name is Priya and I live in Thane, India with my loving husband and our seven year old son. I started crafting some years back but I came into this magical world of mixed media about a year and half back. I adore  making Scrapbook layouts, altered art and mixed media. I do not have a particular style and  like to experiment with different techniques and products.

 Co-Founder & Admin

I am Priyanka Srivastava. I am an Astronomer and I did my Masters in Space Sciences from the University of Pune. I worked as a Science and Astronomy Communicator and Educator as well as Content Developer in Delhi for about 4 years. Currently, I stay in Mumbai and I am a Senior Physics Teacher at an ICSE school here. My hobbies include reading (mostly English and Science fiction), dancing, visiting new places and adventure sports. Frankly, I love to try my hand at anything new and challenging.
Since childhood, I had an affinity towards craft and one of my favourite classes during my school days were Art and Craft and SUPW where I learned so many new forms of arts like glass painting, emboss painting, embroidery, sewing, crotchet etc. I have always liked to give my creations to my friends and family as a token of love since I was in school. A couple of years back I got to know about Quilling and I bought a small simple kit to try my hand on it. I instantly fell in love with it. A few of my friends saw some of my creations and expressed their desire to buy them. Their suggestions and a long duration of pondering over it resulted in "Priyaz Creations" coming into existence. I started with sharing and showcasing my love for quilling via my blog. But slowly from there, I met so many talented artists; I got motivated to learn some more paper crafts like decoupage, mixed media etc. and learned a great deal about these crafting techniques.
I am still learning and I have a long way to go on this amazing journey. I am honored to be a part of the team of Mixed Media Challenge and I am sure my learning will be immense with my amazing and awesome fellow team members. I hope I will be able to play any part in motivating someone out there to try their hands on this lovely art form of Mixed Media!

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It’s Vidhi Jadeja from Mumbai, an artist by profession, an avid blogger, a doting daughter-in-law, a mother of two sweet little angels, a full-time homemaker, a compassionate person, a trained artist with post graduate in commerce and a Diploma in Fine Arts. All in one and not necessarily in the same order of priority!
The types of Art forms that interest me are Decoupage, Mix media art, Art Journal, Layouts and scrapbook making. I like all traditional Indian art forms.  With the passage of time, I realised my love and inclination towards vintage, rustic, wooden, masculine, distressed and ethnic art forms. No wonder then that most of my projects are created around the same theme.
Creativity for me is all about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and still having fun!


Creative Team

I am Sonika Agarwal  From vellore, I am so happy to work as a DT member with such a great team. I have been crafting for last 2 years now. I am self trained in many art and craft forms like , Altered Art and Paper crafting with scrap booking. I run my own hobby studio in vellore,training learners personally . My core strengths are in Card making,mixed media layouts and altered art .I love to make cards and my style is mostly freestyle.

My name is Asia (it’s short form from Joanna, so on social media you will find me as Joanna). I live in Wroclaw in Poland with my family (a husband, almost 2 year old daughter and 2 dogs). I am full time worker in insurance company. Creating scrapbooking or mixed media projects is only my hobby. My adventure with handmade things I started with cards (first was create about 2012). If you are on the start of creative journey, please remember starts are always hard, don’t be discouraged. I've been playing with the media for about 2 years and I think that's what I was looking for.


Hello! My name is Ksenia and I am from Russia (born in Saint-Petersbourg, now live in Moscow).
I'm a professional pianist and piano teacher. I started play piano since I was 5, music is my passion. 1,5 years ago I saw mixed media works on Internet, I decided to try to create something similar and now I can't stop! Mixed media became my second passion (after music of course:)) I like bright colors, oriental style, art nouveau, steampunk. Mixed media is the best opportunity to express yourself and I 
am so happy to inspire you all through Mixed Media Academy.

Hello ! MY name is Magdalena- Megi Crafts. I live in Poland. I started with Scrapbooking and card making and I never thought about Mixed Media. But when I started the whole fun began. Now I cannot imagine my life without it. I am so happy to be in MIxed Media Academy Team and I believe, we will have a wonderful year ahead.

My name is Margarita Shkludova and I am glad to be in this creative design team!  I live in Belarus, in a beautiful country of forests and lakes. I love to create in the mixed media style. I like creating canvases, altered art and LO with an interesting colorful background from scratch. I like to experiment with colors and different media, to get new interesting effects. This is my fourth year in scrapbooking. And I am ready to share my inspiration with you!

Hello. I am Priya Satish from Bangalore, India. I am a classical dancer allured to the alchemy of arts. I like all Indian traditional art forms and an educator of fine art and one stroke painting. Whatever art I do, I put my heart and soul into it and you can always see positivity in all my art works. I believe, life isn't finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. I am happy to be a part of Mixed Media Academy in this journey of creativity.

My name is Roopashree and I live in India.
I am lucky enough to practice both my profession & passion to gather, A freelance Architect & a crafter by heart, who likes to explore & experiment all types of art from that's how I can say am expertise in 50+ art form & never hesitate to try any new art in town. I am so happy to be here at Mixed Media Academy with so many lovely ladies from across the globe.

Hello, I am Monika Shukla from India, but now reside in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I worked at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi, while my Doctoral research (Ph.D. in Biotechnology) and now crafter by profession, besides crafting also love traveling, listening music and blogging. 
I always look to create from my heart and soul. Try not to repeat myself. I do not restrict myself to a certain style. For me art has always been exploring new things. I enjoy making handmade albums, scrapbooks, layouts, cards, canvases, art-journals and other arts. I love experimenting with new styles when it comes to crafting. Being a member on the Mixed Media Academy is such a delightful moment. I look forward to sharing some gorgeous projects with you all.

Past DT

My name's Sabrina Perna, but many call me Sab.
I am Italian from Genoa. I love any form of art and I love scrapbooking; but now I concentrate my creativity on mixed media art. I love dark and vintage styles, but sometimes I use explosives colours!
I am honored to be part of this great team! 


I’m from Howrah, Kolkata, West-Bengal. Although I born and grew up in a small historical town name Serampore. I’ve completed my graduation and diploma in multimedia. Since childhood I was love to doing artwork make various type of handwork for decorate home. Last 6 years I’m passionate about crafting and my hobby turned into my career. I love decoupage and Mixed Media a lot. I am so happy to join Mixed Media Academy and hope to have a lovely year ahead.

 My name is Shalhev Gan and I live in Israel.
I'm scrap booking & Mixed media and art journal artist, crazy lover for art.
2years ago I was exposed to Mix Media and Art journal ,and since then I have been completely in love with this art.I'm a woman of many interests:  a mixed media artist, art journal scrapbook  designer who loves new challenges, experiments and developing new techniques and skills.
My projects are texture and art medium-based: I make paper and canvas, layouts, collages and altered art, tags, journal pages, stamps – and many more. I am honoured to join Mixed Media Academy and hope to have a great creative year ahead.

My name is Ira. I'm from Ukraine, 35 years old and fascinated with scrapbooking for about three years.Scrapbooking brought me into the world of Mixed Media. At first, I liked only Paper crafts, but after several MK on Mixed Media, I got into a network of paints, stencils and stamps. I hope to inspire more people through my creativity. I am happy to join Mixed Media Academy and work along with such amazing ladies.

My name is Olga, I'm from Poland. I started creating paper a few years ago, I recently created a mix-media. In my project there are flowers that I love. I often make flowers from foamiarate. I am honored to be in this great project team.

Hello... My Name is Pati. I am from Poland from a town near Czech border. I love Mixed Media, Scrapbooking and I'm a POwertex trainer in Poland. I am very happy that I can create with some extremely talented ladies here at Mixed Media Academy.

My name is Chaitali Dekhtawala. I am a self-taught Mixed-Media Artist from Buffalo, NY. Started as a it's a passion!
I believe art is an inspiration for everyone. It fills the mind with imagination and the heart with wonder. Being born with a love for creativity as a child, I always had a desire to put my creative ideas into beautiful art. 
Eventually, I found a way to express my creativity using mixed mediums like paper, canvas, wood, fabrics, and metal trinkets with various types of paints. I fabricate different textures, adore stamping and inking, collaging and assembling to create my artworks. I love creating mixed media layouts and altering n redesigning.
Currently, I am a member of 4 Art Associations in Buffalo. I have taken part in many Art Exhibitions and Art Show in the past two years and have won awards and recognitions.
I love challenging myself; keep experimenting and learning new techniques and style with each project. I like telling a story each time through my artwork. Love sending a message across by adding quotes. I simply adore adding details to my work. 
 I love challenging myself; keep experimenting and learning new techniques and style with each project. I like telling a story each time through my art. I love sending a message across by adding quotes to my artwork. I simply adore adding details to my work. I enjoy creating Mixed Media layouts and altering n redesigning.

Hi.My full name is Anika Blumenthal.On 4. february I'll be 32 years old.I'm from Germany, the city where i live is called Aachen, and it's directly at the borders to the Netherlands and Belgium.  
I work as the head of department for fruits and vegetables in a large supermarket. I have a wonderful partner-not married,no children. I love being creative since i was a child, painting, sewing, crafting, cooking etc. and since one and a half year i am in love with the mixed media world,the most of it i love to alter objects/ everyday items and give them a second life, but i also love art journaling and mixed media canvases. 

Manasa Priya,  a native of Visakhapatnam,  Andhra Pradesh has been an art and craft enthusiast since childhood. She decided to bring her passion and profession together after her first child and started Upcycled.  Dabbles in many art forms but when asked she says Decoupaging and paper crafting are her favorites.  She mostly does contemporary,  clean and simple kind of work incorporating Pastels and soft shades with lit of flowers.  With MMA,  I would like to explorer and learn more of mixed media and incorporate that in my work. 
I am super excited and happy to be chosen as a part of your esteemed team.  Thank you so much for the opportunity. 

Hi. My name is Uma and I have been crafting for last 3 years now. I am self trained in many art and craft forms like flower making, Altered Art and Paper crafting with scrap booking. I run my own hobby studio in Cuttack, training learners personally as well as at corporate level. My core strengths are in Card making,mixed media layouts and altered art .I love to make cards and my style is mostly free style.I love making paper/ foamiran/fabric flowers or using flower stamps"

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