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 Hello and welcome to 2nd DT reveal for the month of August. For the challenge we have a compulsory element and theme based mood board as inspiration. All you have to do is follow our theme and make a project to participate .As always we have our amazing sponsors giving away fabulous prizes to our winners.

Our Challenge is based on THEME & COMPULOSRY ELEMENT 



This month's theme is Magic as Mind Illusion. You have to use "KEY" as the compulsory element. You may interpret key in any way you like. There is no particular colour scheme, however, it will be wonderful to try to be close to the colours in moodboard. 

Please remember to read the RULES before entering the challenge

- Create a NEW project 

- Use the COMPLULSORY ELEMNET  and take inspiration from the Mood board theme

- We DO NOT accept Cards, Tags, Postcards, ATCs.

- Mention our challenge in your post, share our Mood board and a link to our challenge on your blog. 

- If you do not have a blog, participate through Social Media and share our Mood board along with your project picture Tagging us (FB Or IG)

- Link your projects in the InLinkz tool at the bottom of this post with your Name and Country Name as Title

- Follow our blog, Instagram and like our Facebook Page

Now let's move on to check what our Design Team has created 


I like movies about magic. That's why I chose the new page in my Art Journal to be about "The Prestige". It is exactly in tune with the theme "Magic" for our new challenge. I also really liked the colors on the mood board and wanted to use them.

Sometimes, our feelings are only an ILLUSION. We do something, what our heart suggests switching off our brain. For August challenge I prepared a layout on KEY-hole mdf base. I glued a sheet of paper on it and covered with clear gesso. I used stencils, modeling paste, powder paints, waxes, and other media, chipboards, transparent foil and paper elements. I also used the KEY-hole and KEY mdf elements.

This moodboad was very inspiring, but my ideas were quite difficult to channel...
So I really focused on the big key. Used a round eye support, faces, red and blue.
I used wings to give my key illusion to float in the air... My title ′′ Do no stop ", allows me to believe in my power in the mixed media world.

We don't see through our eyes, we see through our brain and if our mind creates illusion... what happens is we start imagining a world far away from reality. It's a complex theory and for me illusion is something that takes us away from reality and it happens to us sometimes when we want to stay detached.
My project shows how our mind splits in several thoughts and creates an illusion for us. I used some moulds and mdf pieces along with metallic paints. Tried to incorporate colours and essence of our Mood board. 

The color combination is magical and the theme on the mood board inspired me to alter the cover of this Art Journal book.
Mind is the illusion that which is not but appears, and appears so much that you think that you are the mind - by Rajneesh
I used compulsory element Key as focal point with a face and an eye mask. I hope you like it and that you are inspired to create and enjoy this month's challenge.

"The whole world is an illusion, but it an illusion which we must take seriously, because it is real as far as it goes." ALDOUS HUXLEY.
I was totally inspired by the mood board this month. I have used various keys in my layout which is a compulsory element. The faces and colors are also inspired by the mood board. I hope this inspires you all to join us this month.

This months theme is Magic and I was inspired by the different masks in the mood board and the wonderful colors. That’s why I chose to make a mixed media eye mask. I’ve used paints and waxes to make the surface. On top I’ve put different kinds of chipboard decorations and under a tread of pearls are hanging. As a focal point I’ve put a key in gold. Take the chance to show is your take on this challenge and make it magical!

"The distinction between the past and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."~ Albert Einstein
This month at mixed media academy brings the challenge of magic or illusion with compulsory element to be 'key'. I used the key as my focal point with illusion of butterfly wings. Hope you got inspired to create and will enjoy this month's challenge as much as I did.

Do you feel inspired!
Join our challenge!!!


We are giving away three Prizes to our Winners and we'll select one entry to be our Guest Designer for us. And we'll also select three Featured projects from the entries.

Our Design Team will choose winners and it's author will win 

$25 worth prize with from our Sponsor 

$25 worth prize from our Sponsor 

INR 1000 worth prizes from our Sponsor


Our Design team will select the author among the entries and the author, 
will be invited to be our Guest Designer.


Our Design Team will select Top 3 Projects and they will receive FEATURED Badges.
All our Winners will Get Winner Badges as well to flaunt on Social Media.

We are very grateful to all our generous sponsors for these fabulous prizes.
To learn more about any of them, click on the SPONSORS tab above. 
We are looking forward to seeing your entries into our
 Challenge this month

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2. Create a NEW Mixed Media project.
3. Use the COMPULSORY ELEMENT and THEME of  the mood board .
3. Link your project below with your Name and Country as title
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